Anxiety Island.

Supporting children with anxiety.

Anxiety Island is designed to help children aged 2-12 to deal with anxiety, fears and phobias. Family Psychotherapist, Audrey Sandbank, had developed a therapeutic programme, broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and approached Ingelby to create a mobile app that would enable children to manage their own therapeutic progress.

Presented in a unique game format, the app enables children to battle their anxiety, visualised as a dragon, by completing daily tasks and earning stars. As they progress through each level, they learn how to defeat their dragon, overcome their anxieties and equip themselves with the coping mechanisms to deal with issues such as fear of the dark, emotional and behavioural problems, obsessive thinking and anger management.

With stunning, illustrated cut scenes and voiceover from a well-known children’s TV presenter, the iOS and Android app helps children to develop good habits, skills and positive associations while providing parents and guardians with the information to support them.

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