giffgaff online community.

The giffgaff community is a place where members can get help and support with their mobile service or phone, find information on improvements to service, network updates and outages, ask questions, get involved in discussions, post feedback, take part in giffgaff projects and have their say in upcoming developments.

We worked with giffgaff to redesign and customise their online community so that it reflected their unique brand style and was easy to use for their millions of members, most of whom use the community on a daily basis to help and guide other members in getting the most out of their giffgaff account.

The new community incorporated the responsive Lithium skin which we utilised to ensure a seamless customer journey on both desktop and mobile. A lot of the community would be using the forum ‘on the go’ so it was important that the mobile experience was as good, if not better, than the desktop.

A customised welcome hub was built into the community with content managed sections that giffgaff themselves could update along with page specific components allowing the community to display different elements depending where you were in the forum.

The search functionality on the community was redesigned so that you could search areas of the forum depending on whether you were looking for a general community post or help for a particular problem.

It was also important that the members had the ability to be involved in the community so there are features where images and content, provided by the giffgaffers can be displayed.

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