We. Find. Food.

The Über and AirBnB model meets Come Dine With Me in WeFiFo. Short for We Find Food, the new website connects home chefs, supper club hosts and event organisers with hungry people. Anyone can host an event – whether it’s dinner at the kitchen table, a picnic in the park or a barbecue on the beach – for friends, for charity, to earn some extra money or even launch a career.

Ingelby was appointed to design the website to bring the concept to life, and we built in from scratch in just three months. Potential hosts post their event on WeFiFo and tell their guests what they can look forward to. Guests can search eating experiences by location or scrolling through featured events, and reserve their seat at a table that takes their fancy. After an event, guests and hosts can review and rank each other, and the most skilled foodies can share their expertise by going on to mentor novice cooks.

Hosts and guests can accumulate online rewards in the form of cookies. Users can watch their cookie jar fill and spend points on attending events, acquiring new skills or on WeFiFo merchandise.

"At the heart of WeFiFo is a desire to share: talent, food, stories and laughter. This online supper club has the potential to create a kitchen table revolution, and we’re well on our way to registering our target of 30,000 cooks across the UK."

Contact us.

T: 01252 410 660

Offices in Farnham, Surrey and London.